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A Note from Mickey

Mickclose upHello everyone, this is Mickey and I is writing Momma’s column this week because she is working hard at the fireworks stand. I don’t like that stupid fireworks stand because Momma spends too much time there that she should be spending with her puppy! Luckily my Aunt Lisa is visiting and plays ball with me.

I heard Momma say that she is very grateful to all the helpers she has at the stand this week. She said that set up day went nice and easy because the Mud Dogs helped. At first I had a big mad because I thought she was playing with other dogs, but she said that is a baseball team. Momma also said that the VFW guys have all be really helpful too and she appreciated all their help. Lots of other people have come and helped work at the stand, too many to list, but she says they know who they are and she appreciates them all especially Aunt Lisa and Grandpa (Momma’s Dad) who came all the way from Texas this week to help!

Momma also said that she is grateful to all the local people for supporting the fireworks stand and for understanding why the Chamber office is closed all week and to Kay’s Pharmacy for being a UPS drop-off spot while her office is closed. Momma will be back in her office on Monday morning.

Next week she will write her own column and I will go back to napping, ball playing, and protecting my yard from vicious bunny rabbits. (but not Miss Vikki’s big fluffy cat, who still scares me)