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Fun Committee Looking for New Members

When I first started here at the Chamber, our “Promotions & Resources Committee” was in need of some new members; however the biggest obstacle to that goal was the boring name of the group. Really, does “Promotions & Resources” sound very exciting? After a few new people came on, I asked them to come up with a new name for their group, something that better describes what they do.

What did they name themselves? The FUN Committee! This is the group that plans events, festivals, and all the other fun things that the Chamber puts together.

fun committee header

The Fun Committee has decided that they need to expand again. They have so many great ideas, but not enough people to help implement these ideas. On August 6th, at 4:30pm, the group is having a special meeting to recruit new members and to start planning our fall and holiday events. If you are interested in helping with the Christmas Festival, this would be the meeting to attend! We are also very interested in expanding our Halloween parade to include a full “Trunk & Treat” event, but need some input and a volunteer to help with the implementation.

Business owners – our committee is very interested in planning events that benefit your company. Please consider joining our group or having one of your employees attend. Help us to help you!

Remember, when we all do a little, we accomplish A LOT!