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Meet the Fun Committee

fun  committeeOur Fun Committee is such a great group, working with them is an absolute joy. They have put together a great schedule of fun things to do in the next 3 months; it’s going to be a great fall and holiday season!

If you see any of them, be sure and thank them for all that they do. Our committee consists of Chardy Bayes, Kristin Sneath, Brandy Collins, Stephanie Gilbert, Leslie Mayes, Tisha Backhus, Lisa Herpich, and the poor lone man in our group, Greg Wolff. Poor Greg, he has to deal with so much with all these ladies.

Also joining us to work on special projects from time to time is Susan Mueller, Tammie Jinkerson-Prosch, Tandi Arevalo, Rose Bayes, and Kara Rutschman.

From our annual banquet in January to our Christmas festival in December and all the events in between, these folks work hard to bring you events that make our community FUN!