One of the best things about being the Chamber Lady is getting to help people and one of the number one things people ask me about is computer and social media. Because of that, we are in the process of putting together a social media/technology course.

Social media signsIt will start out with the very basics. Do you have Facebook to keep up with your kids and grandkids, but your newsfeed is filled up with all kinds of stuff you don’t want to see? I can help you with that. Confused about how to upload pictures or even how to set up an account? Our first class will be for the beginners.

The next step will be a class for people who manage a Facebook page for their organization or business. We’ll discuss the difference between a personal account, a page, and a group and why it’s important to use the correct one. Confused as to why your posts are showing up in a fraction of your fan’s newsfeed? We can help. We’ll discuss increasing your metrics, how to use Facebook insights, and how to create a successful social media strategy.

Because Facebook is not the only social media site, our third module will be about other forms of social media. Want to reach customers on Instagram or Twitter? Want to learn how to use Pinterest for marketing? Want to start an e-newsletter? Have you ever tried Yelp? These are all topics we’re planning on discussing.

What we would like to know is what kind of questions do YOU have? What topics would you like covered? Give me a call or send me an email or just stop me on the street and tell me what kind of things you want to know more about.