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Well another fantastic Christmas festival is in the books and there just isn’t room enough in this column to express all my thankfulness to everyone who helped to make it the spectacular event that it was!

First and foremost, thank you to the awesome Fun Committee and the event chairperson, Chardy Bayes for all their enthusiasm, long hours, and hard work! You guys are truly appreciated! Thank you to Even Backhus for creating the great Snowball distribution system; those ping pong balls went so much farther this year! Santa Land looked so great at the official lighting; thank you to everyone who worked to put it all together! I know everyone will agree that the Candy Land Crafts for kids portion of the festival went so much better this year with Miss Susan at the helm; thank you so much Susan Mueller!

wreath set upThank you to all the businesses that donated and helped out in every facet of the event from snowballs to wreaths to sponsoring different things.

Thank you to Santa Claus for not only making yourself available during the evening events, but for coming to the new breakfast event as well. You made the kids’ day!

Thank you to Fireman Tim and Fireman Colby for your help in the parade and for all the individuals, businesses, and groups that had floats in our parade. Someone told us that our parade was bigger and better than Abilene’s! Thank you to the Throttle Jockeys for helping with the parade line up and for sponsoring the carriage in the parade. Also a big thank you to all the city employees who pitched in to make things run smoothly.

Thank you to Pastor Darrell for bringing your sound system down to Mrs. Claus’ Market and for leading off a great long line of fantastic performances. The music really made the Market so festive!

Of course the whole event would be for naught if it were not for all the people that attended the different events and that shopped at Mrs. Claus’ Market. Thank you for braving the misty cool weather and supporting your community.tisha

My list of people would never be complete without a big thank you very much to my favorite elf, the best Chamber Husband ever who had no idea what he was getting into when I took this job. Not only did he build that amazing Santa float with the flying reindeer, he worked all day Saturday quietly moving tables and setting up signs and doing all the little things that needed to be done.

As I sit here exhausted from a full weekend of events, I am sure that my fuzzy brain has forgotten someone, so to everyone that helped in every way, please know that you are loved and appreciated!