honkOur Think Local First Anniversary Week is over and a rousing success!

Chardy Bayes, the Chairperson of the Think Local First program, and I want to make sure and thank all the people who volunteered to make the celebration happen.

Big thanks are due to Larrie Fisher for watching the Chamber office all week and keeping things rolling there!

Thank you to all of our attesters who turned out to the 5 Open Houses, holding signs and shouting: Kevin & Rose Bayes, Ed Mueller, Kristen Korgol (who also made a great new “Honk” sign), Brandan Sneath, Ray Perez, Becky Mowat, and Virginia and DJ Neuberger. We also couldn’t have done it without all our young citizen attesters! It does our hearts good to see our kids getting involved and preaching the message of Think Local First.

We enjoyed all of the great entries into our coloring contest and the entries we received from our middle school and high school kids in the Promo Contests!

We want to give special recognition to Virginia and DJ as longtime supporters of the Think Local First program. They both participated in the action group that created the program and one of the two of them have been at almost every Cash Mob since then; always wearing their Think Local First buttons!

Thank you to all of our Cash Mob groupies that faithfully attend all of our events and to each of the businesses that hosted our inaugural Open Houses and thank you to all of our Think Local First participating businesses that have made the first year such a success.

And as always, my heartfelt thanks to the man who does so much behind the scenes; my very best friend and supporter, my husband Dave. I don’t think anyone really knows how much he does that makes everything that I do possible!