Mickclose upMickey here writing for Mommy again. Me and Mommy and Daddy-man are on vacation in our house on wheels and Daddy-man won’t let Mommy use her computer or she will try and get work stuff done. Daddy-man says Mommy is supposed to relax and not to any work stuff this week, so I is filling in again!

Mommy said that when we get back she will be very busy getting ready for Herington Vintage Days on August 23! I heard there will be lots of antique tractors and farm equipment to look at; Daddy-man is even bringing his old 1955 Fordson Major tractor. There will also be lots of old games for the kids to play like 3 legged races and gunny sack races and Money in the Hay. Also vintage crafts and stories and vintage demonstrations like sheep shearers, blacksmiths, and weavers.

Mommy really excited about the street dance that night right on Broadway in front of the City building. She said maybe the Clearview Band will play her favorite song, Mustang Sally, and she will dance.

We are having fun traveling around rural Kansas and Nebraska, but we’ll be back soon and we’ll let Mommy get back on her computer then.